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Staffordshire Studies (1988--)

Staffordshire Studies (1988--). For purchase details see Keele University Centre for Local History.

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 20

  • Personalities and Politics in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Staffordshire - Ralph Houlbrooke
  • 'Singular Adventure in Staffordshire', or, The Tomb of Rosicrucius. Fact, Fancy and Folklore in the Curious History of a Non-Existent Wonder - Leigh T I Penman
  • Illicit Housing in North Staffordshire from 1589 to 1830 - Chris Emms
  • Did the Industrialisation Period Trigger Change in the Way People Planned for Death? A Case Study of the County Town of Stafford 1761-1860 - Lynda Holland

Book Reviews:

  • Rose Wheat, Penkridge in the late seventeenth century: 'the most unintelligible place that ever I saw', by Heather Falvey
  • Philip K Wilson, Elizabeth A Dolan and Malcolm Dick, eds, Anna Seward's Life of Erasmus Darwin, by David Amigoni

Staffordshire Studies – Volume 19

  • Rereading Manorial Custumals: Lords, Tenants and Custom on three Staffordshire Estates (1297-1341) – Jean Birrell
  • A Local Feud in the Midst of National Conflict: The Swynnerton-Staffords of Sandon Feud, Staffordshire 1304-34 - Peter W. Sposato
  • Early Mormonism in Staffordshire, 1839-1869 - Catherine Cartwright

Notes and Documents:

  • The English Civil War in Staffordshire: The Experience of Uttoxeter - David Cooper
  • ‘Living the Poor Life’: The Correspondence of two North Staffordshire Poor Law Unions 1835-54 in the National Archives - Paul Anderton, Alun Davies, and David Jackson

Book Reviews:

  • Sylvia Watts, ed., Staffordshire Glebe Terriers, 1575-1884 (Staffordshire Record Society, Collections for a History of Staffordshire), by Steven Hobbs

Staffordshire Studies – Volume 18

  • ‘A Setting of Cheap Thrills and False Emotions’?:Archaeology, Parks and Gardens in Staffordshire (The 24th Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele University on 6 December 2007) - Paul Everson
  • William Keates of Cheadle (1801-1888) and the British Copper Industry in the Nineteenth Century - Ken Davies

Notes and Documents:

  •  The Accounts of the Royalist Garrison of Lichfield Close, 1643-5 - Ian Atherton

Book Reviews:

  • J.C. Bates, ed., The Register of William Bothe, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 1447–1452, by Nigel Tringham
  • Ivor Carr and Ian Atherton, eds, The Civil War in Staffordshire in the /Spring of 1646: Sir William Brereton’s Letter Book, April–May 1646, by Peter Gaunt
  • Alun Davies, The North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary 1802–1948, by Alannah Tomkins

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 17

  • Servants, Family and Business: Domestic Service in Staffordshire in 1851; The 23rd Earl Lecture delivered at Keele University on 16 November 2005 - Pamela Sambrook
  • Decline, Defeat, and Building Solidarity: The North Staffordshire Miners' Federation (NSMF) 1875-1888 - Roger Seifert
  • The Development of Local History at Keele - Robin Studd

Notes and Documents:

  • The Revd Dr Robert Wilde at Tatenhill - David R. Viles

Book Review:

  • Michael Greenslade, Catholic Staffordshire , by Ian Atherton

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 16

  • A Small Medieval Landowner: Farewell Priory, its Estate and Tenants, 1290-1440 - Jane Hampartumian and Freddy Stitt
  • The Fowlers of St Thomas, near Stafford, 1543-1738 - Rose Longden
  • Dr Anthony Hewett ( c . 1603-1684) MD Padua and Cambridge: Physician of Lichfield and Student of Renaissance Medicine - Denis Gibbs

Book Review:

  • C.P. Lynam, Charles Lynam and his Family , by Christopher Wakeling

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 15

  • Literacy in a Rural Community: An Assessment of the use of Probate Records to Determine the Levels of Literacy in the Parish of Audley, 1650-1700 - Robert Mayer
  • Taking the Traffic: Road Traffic Censuses in Victorian Burton-upon-Trent - Shirley Pryce
  • How Staffordshire Won The Great War; The 22nd Earl Lecture Delivered At Keele University On 29 October 2003 - J.M. Bourne

Notes and Documents:

  • A Pre-Reformation Churchwardens' Account for St. Mary's Church, Stafford - Nigel Tringham
  • Letters to America: Joseph Barker in Betley, 1854 - Martin Crawford
  • George Orwell in Staffordshire - Robert Fyson

Book Reviews:

  • Robert Milner, Brittains Of Cheddleton Paper Makers. The Position of Brittains Ltd in the History of Paper Making , by Gary B. Magee
  • John Golding, Hammer of the Left: Defeating Tony Benn, Eric Heffer and Militant in the Battle for the Labour Party , Edited By Paul Farrelly, By Robert Fyson

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 14

  • The Urbanizing of Staffordshire: The First Phases; The 21st Earl Lecture delivered at Keele University on 9 November 2001  - Christopher Dyer
  • Staffordshire Societies for the apprehension and prosecution of Felons, 1700-1850 - James Sutton
  • The Last Years of Staffordshire Jacobitism - Douglas Hay
  • Stock-Jobbers and Cotton Spinners versus the Agricutural interest: A Staffordsire Land Agent and the Corn Laws - Rose Wheat

Book Review

  • John Turner, Joseph Lycett, Governor Macquarie's Convict Artist , by Robin Studd

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 13

  • The Tutbury coin hoard and The Civil War of 1321-2 - Jennifer Rowley
  • The horse trade in Tudor and Stuart Staffordshire - Peter Edwards
  • Staffordshire and the Irish revolt of 1641- Michael Cooksley and Ian Atherton
  • Fragility and Resilience in a middle-class family: Jeremiah Ginders (1777-1845) and his kin -
    Alannah Tomkins
  • The Staffordshire Pottery Industry in the nineteenth century and its markets - Pauline Booth
  • The impact of friendly societies in North Staffordshire - Clive Bradbury

Notes and Documents

  • Piety and Infrastructure: Bridge Maintenance in early sixteenth-century Staffordshire - R N Swanson

Review of Books

  • Mark S Hagger, The Fortunes of a Norman Family: The de Verduns in England, Ireland and Wales, 1066-1316, by Philip Morgan
  • The Register of Walter Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield 1296-1321, Ed. J B Hughes, by Nigel Tringham

Obituary: Denis Stuart, by Michael Greenslade

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 12 (2000)

  • The survival of Scandinavian Personal names in Staffordshire Names - Ernest Edgar Tooth
  • Elizabethan Ironmaking and the woodlands of Cannock Chase and the Churnet Valley, Staffordshire - Chris Welch
  • Tixall Revisited: the letters of Constance Aston and Winfred Thimelby in 17th century Staffordshire - Julie C Sanders
  • Chartism in Longton - Robert Fyson
  • 'One of the Wonders of the World, not to say the monstrosities of the world': The Saroléa collection at Keele University library, 1954-2000 - Sam Johnson

Notes and Documents:

  • Recorded 'Waste' in the Staffordshire Domesday - Robin Studd
  • Staffordshire Genealogy and the Internet: - Some new evidence about the Burton Brewer, William Bass - Alannah Tomkins

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 11 (1999)

  • Josiah Wedgwood and the History of Parliament (The Twentieth Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele, 28 October 1999) - David Cannadine
  • The Valor Ecclesiasticus: A re-appraisal based on Staffordshire material - Christopher Harrison
  • An Early list of the registrations of dissenters' meeting houses in late Seventeenth-Century Staffordshire - Ian Atherton
  • Traveller's tale and contemporary source: William Efford's visit to Ecton Copper mine in the 1760s - Pat Bromfield
  • 'The Brightest ornament of our native county': The Staffordshire general lunatic asylum, 1818-1855 - Leonard D Smith
  • The Central School of Science and Technology: Origins of a modern University - Barry Job

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 10 (1998)

  • The distinctive Surnames of Staffordshire (The Nineteenth Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele, 6 November 1997) - David Hey
  • Family and Fortune: The Domestic affairs of Edward Sutton (d.1532) Lord Dudley - W R B Robinson
  • The Psalm singers of Rushton Spencer - Nigel J Tringham
  • Ratepayers and Radicals: Opposition to the governing Élite in Nineteenth - Century Tunstall - Catherine Haworth
  • Sandfield House Lunatic Asylum, Lichfield, 1820-1856 - Leonard D Smith

Short Notices and Documents:

  • The name of Trysull, near Wolverhampton - Andrew Breeze
  • Theses on Staffordshire History - Compiled by C J Harrison

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 9 (1997)

  • Walter Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield 1296-1321, and his register - Jill B Hughes
  • 'Now the Witch is dead': A study of a narrative of Witchcraft on the Staffordshire /Derbyshire border - Marion Gibson
  • The Pattern of Poor Law Expenditure in Staffordshire in the second half of the Eighteenth century: Order or Chaos? - Dudley Fowkes
  • Staffordshire and the setting up of the Great Exhibition 1851 - Paul Anderton
  • The Ailments and Medical Remedies of Susanna Ingleby of Basford Hall -Marion Aldis and Pam Inder
  • Local Dialect and its relevance to the study of Place-names and surnames in Staffordshire - Ernest Edgar Tooth

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 8 (1996)

  • Staffordshire Place-Names - Michael Paffard
  • The Miracles of Saint Modwenna of Burton - Robert Bartlett
  • From Preceptor to Prisoner of the Church: Ralph Tanet of Keele and the last of the Templars - Robin Studd
  • Edward Sutton (d.1532), Lord Dudley: A West Midlands peer in national and local government under the early Tudors - W R B Robinson
  • Coal Mining around Quarnford - J T Leach
  • Arnold Wain, Dentist: A case study of Dental Care provision in the Staffordshire Potteries, 1910-1959 - Christopher Harrison

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 7 (1995)

  • Poverty Portrayed: Gregory King and Eccleshall in Staffordshire in the 1690s - Margaret Spufford & James Went

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 6 (1994)

  • A 1319 Clergy list of the Tamworth and Tutbury Deanery in the Diocese of Coventry and Lichfield - Jill B Hughes
  • The Landscaping of Aqualate Park 1805-1813 - Don Yale
  • Business Enterprise and Social Mobility: A study of the Hanburys of Norton Canes - David Brown
  • The Documentation of Hulton Abbey: Two cases of Forgery - John L Tomkinson
  • Thomas Wardle and the Kashmir Silk Industry - Anne G Jacques

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 5 (1993)

  • An early Thirteenth-Century survey of the Earl of Chester's fee of Leek - Nigel J Tringham
  • Clergy and Manorial Society in Late Medieval Staffordshire - R N Swanson
  • The Former Benedictine Abbey Church of St Mary and St Modwen (Modwenna) at Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, and the problem of a west transept there - J Philip McAleer
  • Between Nature and Grace: The folk religion of dissident Methodism in the North Midlands 1780-1820 - Wayne J Johnson
  • The Tamworth Music Festival of 1809 - Philip Olleson
  • Nineteenth-Century North Staffordshire Builidng Societies - Paul Gallimore

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 4 (1991-92)

  • Land Tenure and Lordship in Tenth and Eleventh Century Staffordshire - John Hunt
  • Staffordshire in the Reign of Queen Anne - W A Speck
  • Admiral Anson at the Admiralty 1744-62 - F B Stitt
  • The structure of Industry in Victorian Walsall - Philip Liddle

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 3 (1990-91)

  • Medieval Newcastle-under-Lyme: A Hidden Domesday Borough? - Robin Studd
  • The Forest and the Chase in Medieval Staffordshire - Jean Birrell
  • William Byrd and the Pagets of Beaudesert: A Musical Connection - Christopher Harrison
  • Herbert Minton: Nineteenth Century Pottery manufacturer and Philanthropist - Pauline Booth
  • Man of the Turf: Tom Coulthwaite of Cannock Chase - John Godwin

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 2 (1989-90)

  • The small court of the Manor of Haywood in the reign of Elizabeth I - Pam Morris
  • 'Electioneering Folly': Thomas Fletcher and the Newcastle-under-Lyme Elections, 1790-93 - Ann Kettle
  • The Dairy Industry of North Staffordshire and Derbyshire, 1875-1900 - Roy Sturgess
  • North Staffordshire Names - Michael Paffard

Staffordshire Studies - Volume 1 (1988 Out of Print)

  • Samuel Johnson's Staffordshire (13th Earl Lecture) - Donald Greene
  • North Staffordshire regiments in the First World War:
    • Part 1: The Military Experience of Horace Barks, 1914-1918 - Michael Occleshaw
    • Part 2: Reminiscences of RSM C. Hazlehurst, North Staffords
  • The Great Fauld Explosion - Trevor Jones
  • Manuscripts in Keele University Library - Christine Fyfe
  • North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies: Index to Volumes 1-22 - Martin Phillips