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North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies (1961-1986)

Please note that the volumes note below may not have a complete listing of their articles. This initial list has contents mostly drawn from the BIAB, an automated service which appears to note only those articles that have been cited elsewhere in the scholarly literature.

1961, Vol 1:
Excavations at the Roman site at Holditch, 1957-1959
The Roman road from Wroxeter to Whitchurch (Salop)
Problems of the dating of pre-Conquest churches
A study of agricultural change in the Staffordshire moorlands, 1780-1850

1962, Vol 2:
Physics as the Aid of Archaeology
Excavations in Falcon Low and Cheshire Wood Caves in the Manifold Valley
Notes on Some Staffordshire Prehistoric Implements
Excavations on the Roman Site at Rochester, Staffordshire, 1961
A Rectangular Earthwork at Chesterton, Staffordshire
Excavations at the Roman Site at Holditch, 1960-61
The Medieval Deer-parks of North Staffordshire, I
Dieulacres Abbey

1963, Vol 3:
The Lightwood Hoard and the Coinage of 'Barbarous Radiates'
The Lightwood Hoard

1964, Vol 4:
An Archaeological Gazetteer of Staffordshire. Part I: Chance finds and sites, excluding barrows and their contents
The Excavation at Elder Bush Cave, Wetton, Staffs
The Medieval Deer-parks of North Staffordshire, II

1965, Vol 5:
An archaeological gazetteer of Staffordshire: Part II: The barrows
Archaeology, Sectional Report

1966, Vol 6: Anglo-Saxon architecture and sculpture in Staffordshire
The medieval castles of Staffordshire

1967, Vol 7:
I.H.C. Fraser: Manuscripts in the Library of the University of Keele.
S.R. Broadbridge, Industrial Archaeology in the Parish of Penkridge.
A Roman road in North Staffordshire

1968, Vol 8:
Belfry towers in Anglo-Saxon England
The excavation of an early Neronian kiln and workshop at Trent Vale, Stoke-on-Trent
The medieval forests and chases of Staffordshire
The churches of the North Staffordshire moorlands
An Early Bronze Age vessel from Upper Hulme, near Leek

1969, Vol 9:
Corridor crypts on the Continent and in England
Strip lynchets in the Peak District
The Roman villa at Hales

1970, Vol 10:
The origin, purpose and date of pilaster-strips in Anglo-Saxon architecture
The Roman fort at Chesterton Newcastle-under-Lyme

1971, Vol 11:
Prehistoric bone and pottery finds from Mell Pot Cave near Wetton, Staffordshire

1972, Vol 12:

1973, Vol 13:
A study of farming practices and soil types in Staffordshire around 1840

1974, Vol. 14:
The Roman villa at Hales, Staffordshire: the final report
Enclosure and the rise of grassland farming in Staffordshire
A thousand years of Staffordshire: man and the landscape, 913-1973

1975, Vol 15:

1976, Vol 16:
The Roman fort at Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme: report of the excavations of 1969-71
Monastic woodland clearance on the Dieulacres estate [North Staffordshire]

1977, Vol 17:

1978, Vol 18:

1979, Vol 19:
Staffordshire towns and the Reformation Farm Size and Efficiency on the North Staffordshire Estate of the Leveson-Gowers, 1714-1809

1980, Vol 20:

1981, Vol 21:
A 12th century tympanum fragment at Caverswall, Staffordshire
S. A. H. Burne, The Vanished Hunting Grounds of North Staffordshire
Some thoughts on Staffordshire place-names [with special reference to Burton as ?8th-9th century place of defence]
The uses of aristocracy
Hedges and their history in Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire

1982-85, Vol 22:
Landscapes and gardens at Keele, 1700-1900